About Us

Aloha! My name is Sam and I developed this site after the effects of the pandemic brought people together online. Those who never or hardly used the internet began to be exposed to the world of virtual meeting. This was all due to social distancing being implemented on a wide scale never seen before in human history. Our children began virtual schooling, churches went on to virtual services and companies started meeting online. 

Platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and others began to provide their services as a way to connect you and I. When I started to use these services on a weekly basis for attending worship service, work related meetings and virtual gatherings I began to notice ways to improve the capability of these by simplifying some of it's control functionalities. 

This is where the idea of the control device for hand raising, turning on/off mic and video came to fruition. I've designed this device to make my virtual meetings easier and user friendly. Now I wish to share this tool with YOU whether you're a student, a worker, an instructor, organization member or just simply getting together with families and friends virtually. You and I were created to interact so I hope you will enjoy this tool and share it with people you know.