Setting up the Zoom App prior to using device

1. Before using the Zoom Control Device, make sure to update your Zoom app to the latest version as shown below.

Zoom update


2. Second, check your Zoom Keyboard Shortcut settings to make sure the start/stop video, mute/unmute audio, show/hide participants panel, and raise/lower hand are all checked. (Click the photo below to watch)

3. That's it! You're now ready to plug your Zoom Control Device to your computers USB port and start using device with your Zoom class or meeting.



  • Hi Amy, the remote control does not currently support iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android, Fire Tablets, etc., due to the limited ‘keyboard shortcuts’ for these devices until Zoom does an update.

  • I have an Apple pro 2 generation, 14.9 software.Would this work for me?

    Amy Beattie

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