How Virtual Do We Want Our Future to Be?

This report, prepared and commissioned by Zoom, based on survey data and findings provided by Qualtrics Research, focuses on the impact that video communications have had on our day-to-day lives. We explored a variety of use cases for video communications and how they were used and perceived in ten different countries that spanned the globe. The survey results acknowledge the extraordinary challenges the world has faced and how video communications have helped maintain some semblance of normalcy and continuity of life’s important activities.

Feedback from 10 countries

Here’s a snapshot of how people across the world view the role of video communications in their daily lives now and going forward.


Preference: Virtual vs. In-Person

We asked all 7,689 people across 10 countries about their current preference: If given the choice, would you prefer to do the following in-person or virtually?

For those who responded that they had used video for certain activities in the past 6 months, we asked how much they planned to continue using video for those same activities beyond the pandemic. Here’s a deeper dive into their responses.

Of the survey respondents who stated that they had used video for business in the past 6 months, we followed up with this question: Thinking about the future or life after COVID-19, do you plan to attend Business-related appointments* in person or virtually?

Here’s what they said:



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